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27 October 2017

We have recently updated the ME Safety portal and launched our new Safety App.
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This information will explain how to:
     Access the new ME Safety Portal homepage
     Install the new Safety App
The ME Safety Portal has a new, easier to navigate homepage.
Login and take a look. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. But be sure to access the right version from your dropdown menu (see below for instructions).

Below is a screen shot of the new homepage.

Click here for more detailed instructions on how to access the online portal
Click here for instructions if you have forgotten your password

Update the version of your Safety System to access the updated menu
  1. Login to Safety
  2. Go to the Dropdown on the bottom right of your screen (as below)
  3. Select your system with the correct prefix.  
    If you are an ME Safety Essential user select ESSENTIAL as the prefix
    If you are an ME Safety PRO user select PRO as the prefix


Download the new ME Safety App - designed to keep you mobile without compromising your focus on safety?

The redesigned App has great functionality and should make it much easier for those in the field as well as in the office. 

New App - IntegrumNOW
Old app - SmartCAP

How to Download the App


Video Guides

  • The following videos guide you how to install the App to your device. You can also access the videos from the help menu in ME Safety. 
  • A Basic Steps & Risk Assessment Tutorial for the NEW Integrum Now App is also provided to sample.

ownload and Install ME Safety APP for Android Device

ownload and Install ME Safety APP for Apple Device

ownload and Install ME Safety APP for Android Device

Installing for Android Device

Installing for Apple Device Basic Steps & Risk Assessment

Call the MEA Safety Team on 1300 889 198.