Women and Golf: How networking on the green can grow your business

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28 April 2016

The game of golf has a long and fascinating history; did you know that the earliest records of the game date back to 100BC, where the Romans used a bent piece of wood to hit a leather ball? They called it paganica, we call it golf!

Originally, golf was a male only sport, but over many centuries the game evolved in to the inclusive sport we know it to be today. Golf has become increasingly popular amongst females and has a strong female presence both in competition and in social play. Not only do women account for approximately one quarter of all golf products purchased, but they also make up a proportionately large percentage of players; the National Golf Foundation states that out of 12 million former golfers, 3.7 million of them are women.

Going back several hundred years when ‘golf’ was given its name, it was a rather controversial sport, partly because it was a leisure activity for the elite, and partly because of the barriers placed on female entry to competitions and leisurely play. There have been many changes to the rules and practices of golf, one of the most notable being the inclusion of women in the game.

Golf has seen drastic improvements around gender equality in the past few centuries and there are simple steps we can take to improve the experiences of women playing golf. Studies have shown that women feel most comfortable learning the sport in an environment that encourages learning and is accepting of mistakes (like a learning activity of ’fun days’). They have also shown that both men and women feel more comfortable playing the game with a friend, due to the social aspect of golf. Networking is also an important factor of golf, functioning as a segway for meeting new people and forging business deals and partnerships.

And that’s the environment that we’ve created at our MEA Golf Events. At our Master Electricians Australia Golf Days, we celebrate diversity and strongly encourage all our female members, our member’s partners and your female friends to attend our fun social event. It is a fantastic networking opportunity and a great way to meet potential customers, suppliers and industry professionals. Whether you’re a pro or playing for fun, we want to break down the entry barriers for men and women and connect our members together through participation at our events.

Our Golf Days are known to be competitive, yet casual and fun. With a long history in Queensland, they’re an iconic event favoured by many. Why not add your name to the list, and try something new? 

Join us at one of our seven golf days around Queensland; Register here.