What ever itís called, new energy body spells trouble for businesses and jobs

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2 June 2016

Queensland electricians have today responded to the State Government’s announcement of the name of the state’s new energy company by saying it will destroy regional businesses and regional jobs regardless of what it is called.

In a media release this afternoon, the Government confirmed the new body, Energy Queensland, would launch into direct competition with mum-and-dad electrical businesses across the state.

The media release confirms that Energy Queensland will “look at options to utilise renewable technologies in regional Queensland, particularly in remote areas of our state”.

Master Electricians Australia CEO Malcolm Richards said the entry of a government-funded competitor into an industry that was already well serviced by small businesses was a recipe for business closures and unemployment, particularly in regional areas.

“Today is a very dark day for a lot of small businesses and the people they employ,” Mr Richards said.

“The Government has tried to put a slick PR spin on this announcement, with a new name and a shiny logo.  But it is an irrefutable fact that if a giant, taxpayer-funded corporation is moving into the market, then some small, family-owned businesses will be forced out.

“We’ve said before this is like the government paying Coles or Woolies to go into competition with local corner stores in regional areas.

“And considering that Energy Queensland will also have some functions as a regulator of electrical connections in the state, it is grossly unfair for it also to be competing in the market.

“There’s already an army of innovative and enthusiastic small businesses across regional areas rolling out a range of new, green technology.

“The Queensland Government needs to stop the spin and call this for what it is – a taxpayer-funded attack on small businesses and regional jobs.”

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