WA fatality a sad reminder to put safety first with electrical work, electricians say

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17 March 2016

The sad death of an electrical worker in Western Australia is a timely reminder of the dangers of electrical work and should serve as a fresh reminder of the need to turn off the power before entering the ceiling, Master Electricians Australia said today.

MEA Chief Executive Officer Malcolm Richards said the incident carried lessons not only for those who work in the electrical industry, but for home owners and other tradespeople as well.

“We’re seeing this all too often around Australia – electrical fatalities that could be prevented with safety consciousness and a degree of common sense,” Mr Richards said.

“To home owners and tradespeople, the message is clear: Turn off the power before you go into the ceiling space.  No ifs and no buts – ceilings are dangerous and you are far safer being up there without the power turned on.

“To electricians and electrical contractors: you also need to put safety as your top priority.  Turn off the power before you work in the ceiling.

“Yes, it might delay you on the job and it might be a nuisance to climb up and down from the ceiling in order to turn it on when you need to test your work.

“But it might also be the difference that means you go home to see your loved ones at the end of the day.

“Electrical business owners also need to be ever aware of their responsibilities to their staff and customers.  Ensure you have a strong and proven safety system in place in your business.

“If you get good advice and use the right safety system, you will protect your workers, cover yourself against legal risk, and be as sure as possible that everyone will go home safely at the end of the day.”

Malcolm Richards is available for interviews.

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