Unplug Your Appliances, Donít Mess With Electricity In A Storm, And If In Doubt, Chuck It Out!

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19 February 2015

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) is today warning residents to get their homes in order now ahead of major storm surges predicted to hit regions right around the state.

As the State Disaster Coordination Centre ramps up preparations ahead of Tropical Cyclone Maria, MEA CEO Malcolm Richards said residents should unplug all electrical items, check loose items around the house and clear out storm gutters.

“The weather bureau is predicting destructive winds, flooding and as much as two months’ worth of rain to hit some areas in as little as one day. But even a small amount of water to make it into a home can be enough to cause electrical problems,” Mr Richards said.

“This can often be avoided with a few simple preventative measures - make sure that gutters are cleared of debris so water can flow through downpipes properly, to prevent water heading where it shouldn’t.

“But if water does get in, once it’s been in contact with an appliance the equation is simple - call a licenced Master Electrician to test them thoroughly, and if in doubt, chuck it out,” he said.

MEA is also reminding people to take a good look around their homes and properties today before storms arrive.

“Loose objects must be tied down to minimise possible damage as we face high winds as they could easily become missiles during a storm, bringing down power lines and interrupting power supply.

“If you see a fallen power line, it’s essential to leave it up to your expert power provider to take care of,” he said.

Energex (131 962) and Ergon Energy (131 670) both have 24-hour emergency hotlines available for residents to call if they spot a fallen power line or notice any unusual activity including sparking, tingles and shocks.

“Taking these few precautions and leaving the tricky stuff to the experts can not only save your home from facing tens of thousands of dollars in damage, but more importantly, can save lives,” he said.

To find a local Master Electrician call 1300 889 198, or to report a fallen power line call Energex’s emergency hotline on 131 962 or Ergon Energy’s emergency hotline on 131 670.

Malcolm Richards is available for interviews.
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