Time For Government Action As Another Cable Supplier Liquidation Leaves Contractors And Building Owners In The Dark

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20 January 2015

Master Electricians Australia is calling for urgent reform of electrical product safety certification after yet another dangerous product recall triggered the collapse of another cable importing company.

Contractors and building owners may now end up facing a hefty bill to remove dangerous cabling products which can cause fire and electric shock, after the collapse of cable importer Ecables Pty Ltd.

The company has been placed into liquidation after Energy Safe Victoria ordered a full recall of its ECABLES brand Copper Clad Aluminium RE 110 insulated power cables.  Independent testing has found the cables fail to meet the required standard, and that the insulation melts at less than half the temperature they’re rated to withstand.

Master Electricians Australia state manager for Victoria, Simon Tengende, said the faulty cables presented a serious risk of fire or electric shock.

He said the company’s collapse was bad news for building owners, and also electrical contractors who installed the cable and may be required to remove it.  

“This collapse creates great uncertainty for both property owners and contractors as to how the cost of the removal and replacement of dangerous cable will be funded, Mr Tengende said.

“Most of all this underlines the importance of choosing reputable tradespeople and insisting on quality products.

“Master Electricians Australia encourages our members to carry insurance to cover the cost of recalls, and we urge them only to source products from reputable manufacturers and suppliers who have the financial strength to meet the cost of product recalls.”

Mr Tengende said the ECABLES recall followed closely after the national recall of dangerous Infinity and Olsent brand electrical cables, and highlighted a potential problem with the certification process which allows importers or manufacturers to self-assess their compliance with the standard.

“We’ve now had two major recalls of very dangerous product. This should prompt the electrical safety regulators to ask some very serious questions about how these faulty products are getting on to the market.

“Master Electricians Australia has raised this issue with the various state and territory electrical regulators, and we will continue to push for a thorough review of the product certification process to ensure this cannot keep occurring.”

For more information on the recall, please contact Energy Safe Victoria on 03 9203 9700, or visit their website.