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18 April 2016

We are pleased to announce that Master Electricians Australia has created an official parliamentary petition against the proposed Energy Services Sub-Division.

MEA CEO Malcolm Richards put his name forward as Principal Petitioner on Friday, with Mr Tim Nicholls – Queensland’s Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Planning, Small Business, Employment and Trade – sponsoring the Save our Sparkies petition.

Our intention in advocating against this proposal is the protection of electrical contracting jobs in Queensland.

The key issues with this new entity competing on an unfair basis is:

  • It may lever off the strong brand power of Ergon and Energex taking advantage of a long-term Government funded brand position
  • The true cost of setting up this new entity may not be passed on to the customer effectively subsidising their operation
  • We perceive a conflict of interest between the body approving installation of solar panel not the network and its subsidiary installing solar and other new technologies.

Queensland is already well serviced by thousands of registered local electricians and contractors who provide effective, high quality electrical services as well as providing jobs, training and skills to apprentices in Queensland.

There is no demonstrated need for a Queensland Government sponsored and taxpayer funded monolith corporation to compete with the many small business electricians and local electrical contractors. The Queensland Government's unfair plan unnecessarily threatens the livelihoods and jobs of thousands of Queenslanders.

To make this petition successful, we ask that you sign the official parliamentary e-petition.

Over 1,000 Queenslanders added their name to the petition over the weekend. This proposal will not just impact business owners, it will impact all electrical workers. Every Queensland resident is entitled to a voice in this petition, not just electricians and electrical contractors, so please forward it on to your entire staff, plus friends and family.

Have your say today.

Sign the petition