Privatisation better than crushing small electrical contractors

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21 September 2016

Master Electricians Australia has endorsed Queensland Opposition Leader Tim Nicholl’s proposal to take a small-scale privatisation plan to the next state election.

The LNP State Opposition has announced that state-owned assets such as the Port of Gladstone and electricity transmission company Powerlink will be considered for lease should the LNP win the next election.

MEA Chief Executive Malcolm Richards said that while privatisation may not be electorally popular, it was a better option than what is being provided by the State Government, which includes putting the Government body, Energy Queensland, into direct competition with mum-and-dad electrical businesses.

“Master Electricians Australia supports the proposal put forward by the Queensland Opposition Leader of small-scale privatisation.

“We understand that privatisation may not be electorally popular, but it is a better option than putting a taxpayer-funded giant such as Energy Queensland into direct competition with small electrical contractors.”

Master Electricians Australia has previously aired concerns that the recent merger of Ergon and Energex, forming the new Government body Energy Queensland, will crush electrical contractors throughout Queensland.

“Small-scale privatisation of port assets is far better than having a government-funded body that will destroy small business, push up electricity prices and waste taxpayer money on services already provided by small electrical contractors.

“Energy Queensland is nothing but a taxpayer-funded attack on small electrical businesses in Queensland.

“Small electrical contractors cannot compete against the might of the State Government, with its easy access to taxpayer money and its control of electrical industry regulation.

“The State Government has sold out mum-and-dad small business owners with the formation of Energy Queensland and we will continue to fight this issue and draw attention to the negative impact the government-funded workforce is having on the electrical industry.

“However, it would be far better if the Government and bureaucrats paused to consider other alternatives such as those put forward by the Opposition of leasing the Port of Gladstone and electricity transmission company Powerlink.” 

Malcolm Richards is available for interview. Please phone SAS Group on (07) 3221 9222.