Only one week left until the early bird misses the worm on Electrical Industry Conference

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22 May 2015

Time is running out for electrical contractors to take advantage of the early bird sale for the 2015 Electrical Industry Conference in Kyoto, Japan, proudly presented by Master Electricians Australia (MEA).

For four days of culture, 30 hours of professional development, over 200 potential industry contacts and an untold number of networking opportunities, all you need is one ticket!

MEA CEO Malcolm Richards said that on the back of a tough year for the electrical industry, sparkies who make the trek to Japan will enjoy the beauty of being in another country by taking things down a notch in a city that’s an explosion of old and new, and by finding the time to simply shoot the breeze with other members of the industry.

“We have an impressive line-up of speakers this year who’ll each share completely different ideas, but it’s not all work. Guests will be treated to a traditional Japanese welcome reception at the Gesshin-in temple and gardens. Traditional music and sake in one of the most beautiful parts of the country doesn’t sound like a bad way to get started,” Mr Richards said.

“We’ll be mixing things up quite a bit this year by combining sessions, like the media trainer Jordana Borensztajn, with traditional ceremonies and sightseeing. We’ve even managed to lock in an interactive ninja show.

“One of our business sessions will include a traditional Japanese lesson in ‘finding your zen’. Not only that, we’ll be holding it on the grounds of Taizo-in, a 600-year-old Zen Buddhist Temple on the oldest and most prominent sub-temple in the district.

“There’s even an electrical shrine where visitors can pay their respects to the electrical gods. It sure beats the usual set-up of a boardroom with instant coffee and sandwiches,” he said.

MEA has also nabbed National Geographic television adventurer (who once cycled through Afghanistan) Rob Lilwall to share some of his extraordinary life lessons on dealing with unforseen obstacles.

With a number of optional social activities planned across the four days, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get together with others in the industry to wine and dine and network, in one of Japan’s oldest traditional cities.

“After such a tough twelve months, we really wanted to focus this year’s conference on remembering how to have fun, how to reconnect, and also on how to take care of ourselves,” he said.

To make the most of our early bird price, head to our official Japan 2015 Electrical Industry Conference page for more details, or like our Japan 2015 Conference page on Facebook.