Master Electricians Australia Warns Against DIY Attempts To Restore Power

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23 February 2015

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) has warned against people taking it into their own hands to restore power after severe weather events, and urged homeowners not to take any risks but rather to have storm-affected appliances and electrical fittings tested before using them again.

MEA Chief Executive Officer Malcolm Richards said MEA has opened a hotline for home owners affected by the severe storms across Queensland over the weekend, to help them reconnect power supplies as safely and quickly as possible.

The hotline is 1300 889 198.

“Affected homes across the state would need to be inspected by a licensed electrical contractor before distributors Ergon and Energex could switch the power back on,” Mr Richards said.

 “Anyone who requires an electrical safety inspection before their power is turned back on can contact the hotline, and Master Electricians will connect them with the nearest available contractor.

“Master Electricians is working alongside Ergon and Energex to meet the regulatory requirements to ensure the power is turned back on as quickly as possible for affected homes.

“In the first instance, home owners will have to take responsibility for the cost of the call out, but it may be something that can be recovered through your insurance policy.”

Mr Richards said turning the power back on was the main priority but safety needed to be considered first.

“Cyclone Marcia has already impacted families and homes across the state. But it would be unthinkably worse to turn a trauma into a tragedy simply for the sake of saving a few dollars,” he said.

“Make sure you take the right steps – get your appliances and circuits tested by a professional before flicking the switch back on.

“Master Electricians is on call, and we have hundreds of licensed contractors standing by to assist.  So call the hotline and get the peace of mind you need.”