July 1 The start of a very unfinancial year for Queensland sparkies

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1 July 2016

July 1 marks the start of a very unfinancial year for Queensland mum-and-dad electrical businesses, with the giant state-funded competitor Energy Queensland officially beginning operations.

Master Electricians Australia said today would unfortunately be the start of a very difficult period for the state’s small electrical contractors, particularly in regional areas.

MEA Chief Executive Malcolm Richards said the State Government had clearly indicated that Energy Queensland would be moving to take work in areas currently supplied by small firms, such as home battery connections.

“Today is the start of what we believe will be a very tough period for mum-and-dad electrical businesses in Queensland,” Mr Richards said.

“This is particularly true in regional areas, which the State Government has specifically nominated as a key target market for this taxpayer-funded giant.

“And sadly, we’re already seeing electrical businesses adjusting for the future, with a number of businesses that we are aware of laying off staff.

“Because, despite the promises that 'everything will be okay', small businesses cannot compete against the might of the State Government, with its easy access to taxpayers’ money and its control of electrical industry regulation.

“This is like the State Government paying Coles and Woolworths to set up across the street from the local corner store.

“Master Electricians Australia will continue to fight this issue and draw attention as the inevitable impacts roll through the industry in regional Queensland. 

“However, it would be far better if the Government and bureaucrats would pause and genuinely consider the damage they are about to cause tor regional businesses and jobs, and choose a different course of action.”

Malcolm Richards is available for interviews.

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