Government Asleep At The Wheel Again As Dangerous Cable Recall Drags On

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26 March 2015

Master Electricians Australia is urging the ACCC and electrical regulators to do more to ensure all Australians are aware of the possibility there may be dangerous cables installed in their homes or businesses.

MEA CEO Malcolm Richards said despite the ACCC issuing a media release today, this potentially deadly product has been in thousands of households and businesses around the country for far too long.

“It’s been almost two years since MEA blew the whistle on Infinity Cables and since then, very little has been done,” Mr Richards said.

“In the manner the ACCC has designed the partial recall, contractors and the public are not likely to report the existence of the cable in their homes. Instead some are selling their home to unsuspecting buyers without informing them.”

Mr Richards said under current Government regulations, there is no set time period to have homes or businesses checked if this product had been installed, leaving consumers in the dark and on their own.

“It beggars belief that after two years, consumers remain at risk of fire or electric shock. It is also staggering that regulators have done nothing to stop this happening.

“It’s not good enough – more needs to be done, we need tougher laws so these products don’t slip through the cracks again.”

Both 'INFINITY' and 'OLSENT' branded cables were supplied in Australia through Masters Home Improvement and 16 other smaller outlets from March 2012 to Sep 2013.

If you believe your home or business may contain this product, please contact your electrical contractor.

Malcolm Richards is available for interviews. Contact SAS Media & Communications on 07 3171 2960.