Electricians welcome ACCC awareness campaign on dangerous cables

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15 June 2015

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) today welcomed the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s announcement of a national awareness campaign to support the recall of dangerous Infinity and Olsent brand cables.

Master Electricians Australia was instrumental in prompting the safety recall, and has campaigned for almost two years for a high-profile national awareness campaign to make home owners aware of the dangers.

The ACCC issued a full recall of the dangerous cable late last year, following revelations in 2013 that the products posed a significant fire and electrocution risk due to inadequate insulation.

MEA Chief Executive Officer Malcolm Richards said around 13,000 homes were believed to be affected national-wide, but the dangerous cable had been removed in only a small number of those homes.

“These dangerous cables have been shown to pose a serious danger of fire or electric shock, and potentially death, due to the insulation becoming prematurely brittle,” Mr Richards said. 

“We know this risk will continue to grow over time.  So it’s vital that all the faulty cable is identified and removed.

“A major reason for the failure of the recall so far has been that the cable was mostly sold through a major hardware chain, and has potentially been used by home owners performing do-it-yourself work who are now reluctant to come forward.

“However, it’s more important that the dangerous product is now removed by a qualified person.  If you’ve had electrical work performed between 2010 and 2013 – even if it was DIY work – you should have the cables checked by a Master Electrician, an electrical contractor or your builder.

“The ACCC advises that your cost should be covered under its recall if you have faulty cable, but even if it’s not, the cost of a call-out fee will secure safety for you and your loved ones.

“Importantly, do not attempt to inspect or replace faulty cable yourself, regardless of how it was installed in the first place.  This is a dangerous product – leave it to the experts.”

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