Donít Risk Your Life In The Wake Of Cyclone Marcia - Call A Sparkie!

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25 February 2015

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) is today warning residents not to be a statistic and remember to call a licenced electrical contractor to connect generators in the wake of Cyclone Marcia.

As Energex and Ergon Energy continue to work around the clock to reconnect thousands of homes to the energy grid, MEA CEO Malcolm Richards said it’s essential residents follow the correct procedures.

“You just can’t plug a generator into a home – you can either plug them directly into appliances such as a fridge or television or have an electrician wire in a changeover switch in the switchboard.

“But we’ve been hearing cases today of homeowners trying to do this themselves and trying to wire them into the home wiring. This is a recipe for disaster,” Mr Richards said.

More than 1,800 power lines went down during the gale-force winds that hit Central Queensland.

At least 900 Ergon workers remain on the ground in the Rockhampton and Yeppoon areas trying to restore power, and emergency services have rolled out generators in some rural areas including Byfield, St Lawrence and Marlborough until major repairs have been completed.

However thousands of residents are still in the dark.

“You just can’t take any chances when it comes to electricity, particularly at times like this when the trail of destruction is so great," he said.

Ergon Energy expects to restore power to most of Rockhampton and nearby rural properties by the end of the week and to the Capricorn Coast by the middle of next week, leaving many with little option than to use a generator until then.

“We just can’t urge people enough. We were so lucky to have come through such a fierce storm event – only the sixth recorded Category five cyclone in the nation’s history – with no recorded injuries, so we would be devastated to see someone injured or killed in the aftermath simply because they didn’t call on a professional.

“It’s simple – when it comes to electricity, always call a licenced electrician,” he said.

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