Don't Be An Egghead, Leave The Electrical Work To The Experts

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2 April 2015

Don’t be an egghead, leave the electrical work to the experts

Master Electricians Australia is urging residents from New South Wales not to be tempted into doing DIY electrical jobs this Easter long weekend.

MEA New South Wales State Manager Jody McGann said while homeowners often turn their attention towards neglected chores at this time of year, it’s imperative they leave electrical work to the experts.

“Don’t take things into your own hands, no matter how small the electrical job,” Ms McGann said.

“Easter is a time for being with friends and family, not in the emergency room. We’d hate to see anyone risking their lives, or putting their loved ones in the firing line, by attempting to fix electrical appliances,” Ms McGann said.

Ms McGann said that if something does go wrong in the home, residents should take the appropriate measures to get it fixed.

“Given that it’s a long weekend, it’s understandable that people may avoid calling an electrician if something was to go wrong, but as we’ve seen time and time again - electricity can kill.

“Never attempt such a job yourself - always call a licenced electrical contractor to repair fittings or appliances in the home to ensure a time of joy doesn’t turn in to a time of tragedy.” 

MEA will have a hotline open over the long weekend. To find a local Master Electrician call 1300 889 198.

Jody McGann is available for interviews.
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