Don't be a DIY bunny this Easter, leave the repairs to a qualified el-egg-trician

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29 March 2018

Master Electricians Australia has today urged all Australians not to take on any DIY electrical work this Easter long weekend and to only use a fully qualified electrician.

MEA CEO Malcolm Richards warned that any Australian looking to use the four-day weekend to do home repairs should not jeopardise their safety when it comes to electrical jobs.

“The Easter long weekend may provide an opportunity to catch up on some house repairs, but when it comes to electrical work only enlist the help of a fully qualified electrician,” Mr Richards said.

“DIY work may save a small amount of money, but it is not worth jeopardising the safety of you and your family.

“The small price you pay for hiring an electrician is nothing compared to the enormous emotional cost that comes with an electrical tragedy.

“MEA’s own research demonstrates that there is an electrical fault rate in one in every five homes, and a vast majority of these faults are associated with unlicensed, do-it-yourself electrical work.

“Home owners should only hire a qualified and licensed electrician to carry out any electrical work on their homes.

Mr Richards also reminded families of the importance of having safety switches installed on every circuit in the home to prevent tragedy from occurring.

“Our research also shows around 15 people are killed and 300 hospitalised every year as a result of injuries from electric shocks at home – accidents that could be easily prevented by taking the necessary safety precautions such as having a safety switch installed, Mr Richards said.

“A safety switch can detect an electric shock and cut the flow of power in a few hundredths of a second, faster than the critical phase of a heartbeat.

“Sadly, more than 20 years after safety switches became compulsory on power circuits in new homes, many houses still do not have them fitted, and very few have them on every circuit.

“We should take every precaution to prevent electrical tragedies from occurring especially during Easter, which should be an occasion of happiness and celebration for all Australians and their families.

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