Does More Productivity Equal Less Workers When Building A Bright Future For Queensland?

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17 November 2014

Energy Skills Queensland’s 2014 Annual Conference is an event not to be missed as the final keynote presenters to join the line-up of distinguished speakers are announced.

Embracing the theme of ‘Skilling for Productivity', the conference will continue to cover many of the initiatives, challenges and opportunities facing the energy, mining and telecommunications industries now and into the future with informative presentations from nationally respected speakers.

This year, the full day conference will also feature a lively panel forum with industry experts discussing whether more productivity equals less workers and if employing less people with more skills is the only strategy to build a bright future for Queensland?

Why should you attend?

  • Network with like-minded industry professionals in the energy, mining and telecommunications industries.
  • Build and strengthen business relationships and partnerships
  • Learn from industry leading professionals and gain insights into the latest industry developments and trends particularly skilling for productivity.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see industry presentations from nationally respected speakers and network with like-minded professionals in these industries.

Register now for your opportunity to attend the Energy Skills Queensland Annual Conference, industry’s best value event to be held on 1 December 2014 at the Royal International Convention Centre in Brisbane.

Energy Skills Queensland Annual Conference