Timing The Key To Cheaper Power, Master Electricians Say

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20 January 2014

Master Electricians Australia has urged the Queensland Government to encourage greater use of off-peak power and freeze the off-peak tariff to boost power use outside the times of highest demand.

Changing the price and availability of off-peak power would help consumers make a genuine change in their behaviour which could lead to significant savings in their electricity bills.

Master Electricians Australia chief executive Malcolm Richards said he understood the need for power price rises was largely a reflection of the cost of building and maintaining networks, but expected the Government to restructure the tariffs to encourage power use during off-peak periods.

“Networks are built to cope with peak demands loads, so if you reduce the peak load you can cut the cost of network infrastructure,” Mr Richards said.

“We need to shift consumers away from using energy at peak times, when it’s most expensive to produce.

“By freezing off-peak prices and collecting all the extra revenue from peak prices they would effectively be reducing the peak load and make a genuine contribution to reducing network costs.

“Restructuring the tariffs would send a clear message to consumers that they can reduce the cost of their power bills simply by using power at a different time of the day.”

Mr Richards said the previous State Government had done away with the need for off-peak pool pumps to be hard wired into an off-peak circuit, meaning they could now be plugged into a designated off-peak power point.

He called on the Newman Government to take it a step further, and allow home owners to have off-peak power points installed in other parts of the home – such as the laundry and kitchen – so consumers could make a conscious choice to use cheaper power at off peak times.

“This is a tricky issue but if the State Government is serious about helping consumers, it needs to look at the things it can control, and the first on that list should be genuine reform of the off-peak tariff structure,” he said.

Master Electricians Australia represents the best of the electrical trade and has campaigned tirelessly to improve electricity prices for Queenslanders.