Homeowners Urged To Take Action, Following Royal Commission Findings

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3 September 2014

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) today called on homeowners to immediately ensure they had safety switches installed on every circuit in their homes, following recommendations made by home insulation Royal Commission, after the deaths of three workers during the bungled Home Insulation Program.

Commissioner Ian Hangar identified that safety switches had the potential to save hundreds of lives in Australia in coming years, and he called on State and Federal Governments to stop sitting on their hands in relation to mandating the issue.

MEA Chief Executive Officer Malcolm Richards said homeowners couldn’t afford to put the lives of their loved ones at risk while they wait for Governments to finally take action and make safety switches compulsory on every circuit in every home.

“Home owners need to take action now and ensure they have a safety switches installed on every circuit in their homes to guarantee we put an end to the unnecessary loss of life through electrocution,” Mr Richards said.

“If you’re unsure whether or not you have safety switches installed on every circuit in your home, contact an Accredited Master Electrician today for a quick check to determine if your family is protected.

“We have been tirelessly campaigning the State and Federal Governments for more than four years to rollout legislation making it mandatory for all homes, new or old, to have safety switches installed on every circuit.

“Had safety switches been installed on every circuit, the three tragic electrocutions which occurred under the Home Insulation Program, would not have happened.”

A safety switch can shut off the power from an electric shock in just a few thousands of a second – faster than the critical phase of a heartbeat. Around 15 Australians are killed and 300 hospitalised every year as a result of electrical accidents that could have been prevented with a safety switch.

Mr Richards said Master Electricians Australia stood ready to be heavily involved in a national promotional campaign, recommended by the Royal Commission, as soon as Governments at all levels found the political will to take action that would indisputably save lives.

"In the meantime, we will continue to campaign to ensure as many homeowners as possible understand the very serious danger of not having safety switches installed in their home, so we reduce the occurrence of any more preventable deaths while we sit and wait for Governments to take real action,” he said.

Call 1300 889 198 now to find an Accredited Master Electrician in your area who can check or install safety switches on every circuit in your home.

Malcolm Richards is available for interview. Contact SAS Media & Communications on (07) 3171 2960.