Electrical Industry To Benefit From New Digital Resource

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20 October 2014

Master Electricians Australia’s (MEA) Digital Business Kits are up and running, after launching at the MEA Electrical Industry Conference at Noosa at the end of September.

Designed to give the industry a much needed leg-up into the digital economy, the Electrician’s Digital Business Kit is proving to be a valuable resource for owners of small- to medium-sized businesses.

In the weeks since the launch, MEA has been overwhelmed with positive feedback from contractors taking advantage of the opportunity to build their digital toolbox.

MEA CEO Malcolm Richards said it’s the perfect time to access the free Electrician’s Digital Business Kit, to find out how to design and implement fresh, new strategies before the busy summer season arrives.

“We’ve designed the kits specifically for the electrical industry, and we believe it will help electrical contractors stay ahead of the game,” Mr Richards said.

“The kit is a vital resource for business owners across our industry to get step-by-step guidance on how to grow an electrical business using digital tools,” he said.

A 2013 study found that as many as 86 per cent of electrical contractors felt they didn’t have the time nor the knowledge to make the most of digital tools, and didn’t know how to properly take advantage of developing technologies.

MEA custom-built the online resource to give everyone from the beginner to the tech savvy an opportunity to expand and grow their businesses in the digital world.

The Kit takes owners of small to medium-sized businesses through a range of digital topics, such as building an effective website, recognising and taking advantage of social media opportunities, and using cloud applications.

“The industry has changed and will continue to change, so business owners also need to change in order to keep up. The future of the electrical industry increasingly needs to be a mix of a traditional work ethic with modern technologies,” Mr Richards said.

Users can access ten different topics and work through the step-by-step guides at their own pace. And considering the entire program costs nothing to complete, it can show business owners how to improve their bottom line without taking anything away from it.

The kit is available for free at digital.masterelectricians.com.au or via Facebook

Malcolm Richards is available for interview.  Contact SAS Media & Communications on (07) 3171 2960.