DIY-ers Warned Not To Be An Egg This Easter

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17 April 2014

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) is urging keen DIY-ers to leave all electrical work to the professionals when they’re doing home handy work this long weekend so as not to jeopardise the safety of their family to cut costs.

MEA chief executive Malcolm Richards asked everybody to put down the tools and pick up the phone instead of risking turning the Easter weekend into a weekend in hospital.

“This Easter holiday may seem like a good chance to accomplish some much-needed house alterations but home owners need to remember the importance of safety over saving a few dollars,” Mr Richards said.

“Electrical work should never be carried out in a DIY project no matter how capable you think you are or how much you think you know.

“Our research has shown that one in five homes have an electrical fault as a result of homeowners carrying out unlicensed DIY electrical work.

“Electrics is tricky business at the best of times and it’s not worth putting your own life and those you love at risk, instead hire a licensed electrician to carry out any electrical work in your home.”

Mr Richards also reminded families of the importance of installing safety switches on every circuit in their homes to prevent tragedy from ruining the happy holiday spirit.

“Every year around 15 people are killed and 300 hospitalised as a result of injuries from electric shocks around the home – accidents that could easily have been prevented by having a safety switched installed,” he said.

“A safety switch can detect an electric shock and cut the flow of power in a few hundredth of a second, faster than the critical phase of a heartbeat.

“Sadly, more than 20 years after safety switches became compulsory on power circuits in new homes, many houses still do not have them fitted and very few have them on every circuit.

“We should take every precaution to prevent electrical tragedies from occurring especially during happy holidays like Easter, where we should be enjoying time with our families.”

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