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What is ME Safety?

The future of safety and business management for electrical contractors is here!

Master Electricians Safety takes workplace safety and business management to the next level. Users have access to functionality never before seen in one single, holistic package. It makes full use of cloud technology and is available on a number of platforms including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. If you want to manage and improve workplace safety, ME Safety is the solution you've been looking for.

The ME Safety integrated management application manages safety, environment, and quality systems - and one free ME Safety Express licence is now included in all Master Electricians Australia memberships.

In addition to maintaining safety duties, you will also now be able to track, report and protect individual employees with a range of tools whilst in the field. Allowing you to concentrate on more important things – your customers!

The new platform  has the following key functions:

  • Field Application - staff can complete forms on-the-go
  • Risk Assessments - completed electrical assessment on the field
  • Induction videos for new and existing staff
  • Toolbox Talks - hold meetings for your team and stay up to date by tracking their participation in safety meetings
  • Asset Management - keep track of business assets and calibration dates
  • Quarterly mentoring phone calls from MEA safety and technical staff

If you’ve been waiting for a safety platform that’s available ‘on the road’, is defendable and has a range of functions that assist your business – then wait no more! ME Safety is now available – enquire below.


ME Safety is available in three packages, designed to help electrical contractors at different stages in their safety journey:

  • ME Safety Express - free to all members as part of their annual fee, ME Safety Express gives you access to basic tools to start you on the path to a safer workplace
  • ME Safety Essential - this package offers advanced protection for small businesses, with more features than the standard Express package. Annual fees apply. Find out more about what's included.
  • ME Safety Pro - this package includes all the bells and whistles to offer electrical contractors a greater level of protection. The Pro package includes more features than any other. Annual fees apply. Find out more about what's included.

Please note, you must be a Master Electricians member to sign up to ME Safety. Enquire today using the form below.

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