Employer Tips For Success

How do you make the employer/apprentice relationship work? Like any relationship it takes hard work and commitment to achieve  success and reach the end goal – training completion and licensing.

Master Electricians Australia has created some tips for success to assist employers to get their apprentice to the finish line:

Give Your Apprentice An In-Depth Induction Into Your Business

This sets the ground rules for the rest of the apprenticeship and your apprentice is aware of his/her obligations up front. The following suggestions are a good starting point:

  • Safety systems – safety, safety, safety! Learn it, live it!;
  • Meet and greet other employees – building strong working relationships, introduce your apprentice to other staff, they are now a valuable part of the team;
  • Policies and procedures – this ensures your apprentice/s is aware of expectations up front. This also makes it very easy for you to address issues if they arise;
  • Explain in detail paperwork requirements – timesheets, job cards, and eProfiling. Remember, you may need to do this a couple of times, there is a lot to take in for an apprentice in their first few weeks; and
  • Employment paperwork – tax file documentation, superannuation, drivers license etc.

Know Your Obligations

That way you can be assured you are providing a workplace that supports apprentices to complete the apprenticeship.


This is an ongoing step to ensuring a successful working relationship. Schedule regular team meetings and, if needed, one on one meetings to help mentor your apprentice into a quality tradesperson. Address issues as they come up, document these discussions to assist you to manage your employee.

Keep It Professional

It is great for everyone to get along well, but mixing personal relationships with business makes it difficult for all parties if there is an issue to address. Remember business is business, and personal is personal.