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AS/NZS 3000 changes are coming soon

Time to get ready

With a new version of the Wiring Rules due in mid 2018, there has never been a better time to join Master Electricians.

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In Brief

Changes to AS/NZS 3000 will result in:

  • 194 explicit changes to the new version of the Wiring Rules
  • 6 new appendices
  • 54 completely new clauses
  • Section 7 has been completely re-written

Expected release date

Mid 2018

Overview - main areas of change

  1. Mandatory requirement to consult with owner on special requirements if electricity supply is removed by extended fault or severe weather/climatic conditions
  2. Increased mandatory requirement for the use of RCD protection on all final sub-circuits of all types of installations
  3. Introduction to Arc Fault Detection Devices and where they are highly recommended to be installed
  4. New extended distances for switchboards to create greater safe working space and doorway access
  5. Referencing the new switchboard standard to be used in conjunction with the existing standard
  6. New clearances for electrical devices from cooktops
  7. Mandatory local isolation for hot water heaters
  8. New light fittings installation methods
  9. New allowance for vertical shower rose exclusion zones
  10. New wiring allowances for lifts designed to allow evacuation under emergency conditions. 

AS/NZS 3000 member benefits

  • All members will have access to the updated Standard when it's released, along with 13 other important standards. That's 14 Australian Standards (saving $2,000)
  • Unlimited AS/NZS 3000 advice from our expert Technical Hotline team
  • Information circulars – providing our expert interpretation of the changes, in plain English, so you understand and can implement changes in your work design
  • Access to member AS/NZS 3000 Information Forums to hear about the changes
  • Receive regular member eAlerts to ensure your business is updated as soon as the changes are released

The Master Electricians’ difference

  • Our Senior Technical Advisor, Anthony King, sits on the EL 01 Wiring Rules Committee, making Master Electricians ideally placed to advise members about the changes. This is the Committee responsible for making the changes
  • Master Electricians lobbied extensively and undertook industry-wide consultation as part of the change process

Why it's important to understand the new standards

If contractors do not comply with the new requirements they will be subject to non-compliance implications, including:

  • Fines
  • Return rectification works
  • Possible life-threatening outcomes for users of the installation

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Members will be advised when the changes are effective and can login to ME Safety to access their copy of the new Standard.

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